Reilly still working on securing local buyer for Beetles

Alexandria’s Shawn Reilly is still in the process of trying to secure a local owner for the Alexandria Beetles but felt pretty good about those prospects with a deadline looming.

Reilly said this morning that he has until the end of November to sell the team before the Northwoods League would take over the franchise. He has also been assured by league president Dick Radatz Jr. that that is not what the league wants to do.

“I’ve had some very nice, candid conversations with him,” Reilly said. “He doesn’t want to take this over. He doesn’t want to run it, I should say…I’ve had a good working relationship with him. I’ve been pleased about that. He’s making it very clear, ‘Try to take care of this locally.’ That’s good to hear.”

Reilly said there are two different scenarios for selling the team that are still realistic options. He said he has two individuals who are interested in buying the whole team.

Another option is putting together a group of five who would each purchase 20 percent of the team. Reilly would remain a part of that ownership group. He said he has two others who have agreed to be a part of that as well, meaning he would have to find an additional two to make that happen.

“I’m still feeling good about the two individuals,” Reilly said. “All along, I’ve kind of felt like I won’t believe it till I see it, but I’ve talked to a lot of people. Talked to a lot of people about selling. I feel really good. There’s a local connection for both of them.”

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